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Chimney DPC Trays

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 DPC Chimney Tray 

DPC Chimney Tray

Price from £95 + VAT

Our DPC chimney trays are made from code 4 sheet lead (code 5 available on request), They are designed to prevent water penetration in to the building via the chimney stack. 

Please note. Sizes listed are overall tray size including upstand allowance, not the chimney size, our trays are made 150mm wider than the chimney diemsions to give a 75mm upstand around the chimney, upstand around the flues are 100mm minimum.  

Trays are coated with 1 coat of bituminous paint.

Tell us the exact size of your chimney and we will fabricate a DPC chimney tray to fit. We can fabricate any size.

Size not listed below, please just ask:

Prices exclude delivery & VAT

Single Pot (mm)Price (£)
900x900  105.00
1200x750 115.00 
1200x900 120.00 
1200x1200 140.00 
Double Pot (mm)Price (£)
1700x900 170.00
Multiple potsPrice (£)
To Your Specification  POA
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